Quilt Jacket by Mabel and Snow

One-of-a-Kind Quilt Jackets

This Quilt Jacket is absolutely beautiful! Thank you Jennifer!

Our one-of-a-Kind Quilt Coats & Jackets are made right here in Franklin Tennessee.

Jennifer, Founder

We travel around the country to find Vintage Quilts. We find them and clean them. Restore them if possible, Some, we transform into “Wearable Art”, Quilt Coats & Jackets.

It seems as though every Vintage Quilt tells a story of the past maker. The colors, shapes and age of materials. These qualities are past into the Quilt Coats to be enjoyed in a new way.

We also make custom made Quilt Coats & Jackets. Just send us your Quilt and we can make it even more beautiful as something to wear. Learn more.